Freitag, 12. April 2019
Meet Hannan Bader, Palestinian delegation from Israel

Hello , my name is hanan , Im 15 years old and I will happily celebrate my sixteenth birthday with you in austria. I spend my free time playing piano , basketball & football (A year ago I was playing with local teams in my town tura'an) I Participated in projects aimed at developing equality and knowledge of new cultures , One such experience was in Germany two years ago. I wish to spend my free time in the future in the ocean and become a special diver. I'm a person who loves helping a lot and offering everything to make everyone around me happier That's why I'll be a surgeon in the future, and I'll be a researcher to Find helpful solutions . Im coming from a Palestinian communist family , so I learned to love my homeland & protect the Palestinian heritage . I respect everyone's freedom and love them for what they are. Im very excited to share ideas and beliefs and hear yours & to make friends and memories last forever …