Donnerstag, 21. März 2019
Meet Roaia Heib, Palestinian delegation from Israel

Hi, I’m Roaya Malik Heib a 16 years old Palestinian bedouin girl.
I’m a former athlete,a runner and a hurdle jumper,bit I still do sports from time to time.
I’m obsessed with music,art,sunsets,poets…
I’m a reader too,I read about almost everything; love,life,success,politics,important characters,different cultures…
I play guitar,and a little bit of piano.
I love watching movies,TV serieses,and I’m affected of them.
I love my family so much,especially my mom,she’s like my bestfriend,and my destiny.I appreciate her so much.
I wanted to join the peacecamp because I want to do something that is meaningful and to make peace with the different cultures,also I liked the experience that being with people who have a completely different opinions,lifestyles from me,and came from different religions.So I would like to know them closely and to share some of my own personal habits,lifestyle,opinions with them,and to make a good friendships with them.