Montag, 11. März 2019
Meet Balázs Agárdi, Hungarian delegation

Hello! I’m Balázs. I’m 16 years old and I live in Budapest with my family. I’m interested in science and later I would like to work in it. My number one hobby is music, I’ve played the cello since 2011 and I’ve played in a symphonic orchestra too for several years, I love doing it. I love listening to music also, I adore all kinds of rock music, classical music and I like old evergreen hits also, but I’m open to any other genres and for electronic music too. Beyond music I enjoy sports, especially in a team, and I like photography too as a hobby. As recreation a can travel with anyone to anywhere, that’s the best for my mind. The protection of the Earth is very important for me in order to have an ensured future. I’m interested in political questions, and I think talking about interesting topics is significant.
Why am I going to PeaceCamp? The number one reason is that I want a new, complex view about the world, I want to see the problems and the politics from other views. I hope I will explore new issues and questions, we will see the problems of the others. And I would like to improve my communication skills also, because I think it is very important nowadays. Honest talks are the best for me, and I think here my opinions will be heard and I’m also curious what the others will say.