assignment 4: post yourself4peace - individual assignment. deadline: February 15th

dear participants
please send us a photo and a short description of yourself, including a statement of your motivation to join peacecamp 2019: what do you want do do/experience/learn here? What will you contribute to the peacecamp experience?

This will appear in this blog under "meet participants" and "team members"

deadline: February 15th, 2019

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assignment 5: Life Story Book - individual assignment

“Life Story Book”/Family album
Assignment for the Workshop “LIFE STORY BOOK”-

• Please bring your personal REAL, not virtual (not on your cell phone or any other electronic device!)" life story book" or "family album" with photos, documents and texts about your family and origins. You may want to show us a poem, a song, an anecdote about your personal family/ family members. You may want to make a family tree, or bring drawings, pictures or any other objects or documents portraying your family members, their countries of origins, languages spoken in your family, etc. Please don't bring just photos, but a documentation with text to the photos or drawings. Please also bring two PERSONAL OBJECTS:

  1. one that symbolizes your personal link to your family or to a particular family member
  2. One object that symbolizes YOU in a very personal way.

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